Don’t Take an Immediate Settlement After a Beauty Injury  

You will feel frustrated and outraged the moment you suffer from a beauty injury. When you went into the beauty clinic, you hoped that you would look better, and not the other way around. The clinic staff will also panic after what happened, especially if it seems severe. Before you even step out of the clinic, someone will approach you and talk to you about staying quiet.

The first thing on your mind is that they did something wrong, and they need to pay for it. If the clinic offers to pay the medical cost without asking you to sign any document in return, it is fine. However, if they provide you with a specific amount of money in exchange for your silence, don’t agree to it. You can get higher compensation than what they are offering you right now. Don’t give in to their bait; walk away.

Ask for legal advice

After getting medical treatment, the next step is to ask for legal advice. You need help in making beauty injury claims. The clinic must be responsible for what they did to you. A legal expert will help you in case you go to court, or if you decide to settle with the other party. It is easy for you to feel intimidated when you are against a company with a robust legal team. However, if you also have your lawyers, they will speak on your behalf. You don’t even need to defend yourself or talk with the other party unless necessary.

You will get more

When asking for compensation, you need to consider the total medical costs that you have already incurred, and you will possibly bear. The amount depends on what medical procedure you will go through towards recovery. You can ask your doctor to provide you with an estimate, and this document will serve as evidence that the amount you are claiming is appropriate. You also need to consider the amount of money that you are losing because you are not working right now. You can’t afford to work with a significant facial deformation or physical injury.

Aside from not having the face to show to your colleagues, you might also be physically unable to move your body. As such, you need to include the amount that you will lose for not going back to work for a few months. If you are a breadwinner, you can’t afford to lose your primary source of income.

Don’t settle for anything less

During the negotiation process, the other party will most likely ask you to give a lower amount than what you initially requested. You need to be wise in making a decision. Don’t feel intimidated, and stick with the original amount since you need the money to cover all the expenses. You also need to pay your lawyers once the settlement is over. Don’t be afraid if they threaten to go to court. You are on the right side, so they could end up paying more should you win.