Eyelash Extensions – The Do and Don’ts

Beyonce is among the famous that have helped make eyelash extensions a household name and now one of the most popular beauty treatments available. The treatment it fast and the look can be very natural or dramatic, depending what you prefer. Here are some of the primary do and don’ts that can help ensure you achieve the exact look you are looking for.

Products to avoid

There are different glues and while all are semi-permanent certain products can weaken them. Swimming and showering within twelve to twenty-four hours of having extensions applied is not recommended as water can weaken the glue before it has time to set properly. Glues for sensitive eyes can also be particularly vulnerable to eye-makeup remover and oil based products.

Should You Wear Mascara?

Waterproof mascara is not a good idea as this can be very difficult to remove and lashes have been known to drop off in the process. A very light application to the tips of the extensions only is recommended and this should be enough to add that little bit extra volume and definition. If you add mascara to the whole lash the results with be clumpy and almost certainly not the look you hoped for.

Looking After your Natural Lashes

One of the biggest urban legends about eyelash extensions is they ruin the natural lashes. This simply is not true when applied and looked after correctly.

Choose a Qualified Professional

There are people who are not properly trained offering eyelash extensions. This is very risky and has been known to end up with bad outcomes. This is a sensitive area and opting for a professionally trained, licensed technician using quality products is the safest option.  Think of it the same way you would if you wanted to find a good hair stylist. Check their reviews and shop around.

Choose Wisely

While it is tempting to go the whole hog and dramatic remember, they are harder to take off than put on! Many first-timers opt for 50/60 percent coverage. They need topping up every few weeks so if you feel comfortable it’s easy to extend further. Cruelty free mink lashes are light and feathery and easy to wear which makes them a very popular choice for everyday wear (favoured by Beyonce). The colourful Mermaid, Russian 3D and 6D lashes create a dramatic look but might be a bit weighty for a newbie! But if the Kim Kardashian look is what you want, these are among the top choices.

Eyelash extensions are becoming more popular and affordable. Not only do they look great, they can save time as you can throw away the mascara! There are cheaper outlets but approach with caution: The true professionals are licensed and use quality materials, the results are invariably better looking and longer lasting. Of course, how well you look after them has a big part to play also. Whatever your look, there are eyelash extensions to match. Choose wisely, think about everyday and maintenance and you won’t go far wrong.