The busy girl’s guide to hair removal

Too busy to book salon appointments and forced to wear clothing that covers your limbs? Read on for easy tips and tricks on quick hair removal.

Being constantly busy at work is both a boon and a bane. On the one hand, you lead a productive and fulfilling professional life. But on the other hand, you are left with hardly any spare time to exercise, cook healthy meals or even groom yourself the way you want. It’s always a dash to a work meeting or late nights at work for an upcoming presentation – no wonder you look and feel frazzled!

Not having enough time on your hands results in you not being able to make salon appointments for hair removal. But you don’t need a trip to the salon to be hair-free: just follow this guide:

* Immediate damage control. Start by surveying the ‘damage’ – which areas of the body require your immediate attention? For instance, you could have visible hair on your upper lip and sideburns, as well as on your arms and legs. If you can get away with covering up your arms and legs for a few days with long sleeved tops and trousers, do so. Meanwhile, you can take a trimmer and remove the excess hair from your upper lip, sideburns and jawline. The trimmer also has a smaller attachment head that helps you shape your eyebrows.

* Wipe the hair off your arms and legs.Your arms and legs are exposed through those cute sleeveless tops and gorgeous skirts and dresses. But there’s no time to book a salon appointment in the middle of the week – and there’s an office party tomorrow! No need to panic – hair removal is easy and quick with a good depilatory cream. After your shower, apply the depilatory cream evenly on the arms and legs and wait a few minutes. Be sure to pick a cream that is suited to your skin type. Now wipe off with a damp flannel as directed, and rinse the skin with cool or cold water. Pat dry gently and do not apply soap for 24 hours. There, you’re ready for your party!

* Wax over the weekend. You might have some spare time on your hands over the weekend. Use this time to make your skin pretty and hair-free. Use cold wax strips on your underarms and bikini line, as well as your arms and legs. Make sure the hair is not very long – about ¼ inch is ideal – when you try hair removal by waxing. However, wax strips by leading brands can remove hair that is just 2 mm long as well. Hair removed by waxing comes back finer and sparser than before, and the growth slows down as well since the shaft must build the follicle all over again when the earlier one is pulled out from the root. So, you are set for at least two weeks, if not longer.