Top 5 Chinese Beauty Trends

Because online trends affect significantly the pattern of consumption in China’s beauty industry, the brands are using its data that are popular in the development of new products and markets. After online buzz around the popular product category, skin care ingredients, and cultural elements, the label of beauty has responded rapidly to consumer demand with new items and digital campaigns. Based on the analysis of the new beauty of Gartner L2 in China: Product Innovation Invoice Report, China’s five major trends in the beauty market are the brand’s product development and digital marketing notices:

C beauty

According to “the products made in the US,” China’s products in the US are “made in china”, a source of pride in China’s brands in their home market. Like Ali Baba, both the government and the fuel has encouraged users to buy Chinese-made products in the category, and the local beauty industry has been caught. Their product listing (such as “Glory of China goods” or 国货 之 光) has increased from 2017 to 2013, 2013.

Beauty of men

Citizens, young people in youth have to increase their beauty costs in the category, not only the fastest emotional and skin care routines but also colored cosmetics. The new open-tie store of Tom Fred Beauty, for example, man sells hidden, recently the channel recently launched our boy’s de-channel non-colored cosmetics collection on Weat. Some brands are “more than others” above the beauty. While almost all the beauty brands in the index have received questions on their Tmall stores that if men are suitable for men, they sell less than half male specifications.

Lipstick sink

China’s consumer madness with lipstick continues, especially with premium brands. Mac Cosmetics, YSL Beauty, and Georgio Armani Beauty are going to sell Tmall unit sales more than 80% of them all in lipstick, and at top 10 brands for performance of Tmall search results on all lipstick keywords Are one of With the honor of China’s most popular mobile game, Mac’s recent lipstick co-operation was particularly successful in generating sales of buyers of General Z and Zenithi beauty.


According to the global trend, Chinese consumers focus on the impact of their skin care components and focus on increasing the popularity of cosmetic products and brands. Product brands that perform well on the terms of cosmeceutical search on Tmall include skin skin and Dr. C: Labo as well as traditional beauty brands such as L’Oréal products with cosmeceutical ingredients such as Paris and Elizabeth Armageddon. Related SEOs are included in the development and investment. As a result of the popularity of cosmetics, the Chinese government has shifted to industries to give medicines to the industries that have medical effects from claiming organizations.

Castle cover

C-Chinese aesthetic features have become popular in China’s market, both of the beauty and lipstick trends. Last year China’s most viewed and most of the world’s TV shows have been part of the popularity of Yansi Palace, such as the drama. Cunning and Cordoba City’s own beauty shops, like just a beauty shop, start not only Chinese imperial towel products, but international brands have also benefited this phenomena: Gerein has a marketing campaign for his own Lord Lipstick. Ready, Yankee Palace is used on the castle. The most recent example of successful Imperial Make-up collection was a row of lipstick, eye-way and face mask issued by the Beijing’s Palace Palace in partnership with the local Beijing brand.