What Not To Do After A Keratin Treatment

Natural keratin of one’s hair gets damaged because of constant exposure to pollution, sun-damage, and other weather conditions. Blow Drying and other hair products with harmful chemicals can also damage one’s hair thus keratin treatment Las Vegas can help achieve long, shiny, straight, frizz-free and luscious hair.

The best alternative for hair straightener it is a semi-permanent treatment which ends the hair roughness and unwanted curls. To add the lost keratin back in the hair this artificial method is used. To add keratin this beauty service is used, some keratin hair treatment hacks are done to maintain the service longer.

Choose Your Shampoo & Conditioner Wisely

To use shampoo which has harmless chemicals.  The shampoo should have micro keratin particles which help the hair to hold on longer to this hair service. One should avoid sulphate and sodium chloride while buying a shampoo as they destroy the acid mantle and natural oil present in one’s hair thickening the shampoo quality.

 Do Not Wash Your Hair Frequently

Keratin is a semi-permanent treatment that washes off the keratin on frequent washing. To maintain a keratin treatment one should use dry shampoos an easy and effective alternative for hair wash.  A clean and refreshing hair without using water, it saves time and makes your hair smell heavenly!

Avoid Touching Your Hair

 The hair becomes greasy when you constantly touch them this hampers your happy hair day, and then you make a move to wash it.   This damages the strands of the hair thus leave them down and straight.  Let your hair breath and flaunt your smooth hair.

Say No To Styling For A While!

Avoid styling your hair with any hair accessory or tieing into a ponytail, updos with any additional hairstyle holders. These things create dents or lines of demarcation, the key for sustaining keratin hair service is to leave your hair straight without any style or accessory (pins, rubbers, bobby pins)

Avoid Cotton Pillowcases

Cotton makes your hair frizzy-treezy. It causes friction between scalp and the pillow which results in tangled knots. Satin and silk material pillow creates less friction and breakage. Invest in those pillows so that it absorbs moisture from your hair or skin.

Avoid Colouring Your Hair

Post coloring on the hair damages the keratin process rather you can pre-color your hair so that by the treatment it is easily blended into one hair and protects them from shedding or fading. If you perform the coloring process in 3 weeks of keratin hair treatment, then the color will take time to settle down into your hair. You may not be satisfied with the color service in the end.

Never Use High Heat After The Treatment

Heat can affect your natural hair cuticles so to avoid it after the treatment is also necessary. Heat can affect your natural hair cuticles thus to avoid it after the treatment is also necessary. The immense heat of the straightener can damage the keratin layered hair. Use of the heat on hair should be done only by applying the heat protector.

365°F is the ideal heat exposed to one’s hair.

Avoid Washing Your Hair With Hot Water

Hot water melts off the keratin and affects the hair cuticles it tangles the strands into painful knots. Whereas cold water alerts the cuticles to lock down thus giving you naturally frizz-free untangled hair.

Avoid Rubbing Your Hair

Towels should not be rubbed vigorously on hair as they create crease and hair-fall after wash. Use a microfiber towel an excellent absorbent and gently dry your hair. They are friction free and excess water is grabbed quickly by them.

Avoid Hair Styling Products

After keratin hair service you will not need any hair styling product to tame your hair in right shape and style. Fewer styling products will result in good hair growth and less you will need to wash your hair.

Brush Your Hair Gently

Brushes are to be chosen carefully those which minimizes friction. A brush should soften the hair and settle their texture in place. Thus do not brush your straight after you wake up after the treatment instead use a flat iron or dryer to detangle them. Straighten your hair back gently!

By following these conditions you will be able to manage your hair beauty treatment for long.

Enjoy clicking stylish selfies with your playful hair!!

Every beauty salon Las Vegas will have alternative methods to suit one’s hair texture and to enhance their natural beauty by maintaining them with other hair services just like keratin treatment. Book An Appointment Now!! And create a new you by flawless fashionable hair!