5 Surgical Alternative Beauty Procedures You Should Know About

Today fewer people are choosing surgical beauty procedures and for good reason. Research has also shown that more and more people are exploring alternatives to going under the knife to achieve ideal beauty. In the world of non-surgical beauty procedures, there are six innovations which are proving to be real game-changers.

With more and more people opting for non-invasive procedures we take a look at six treatments which will change your life with visible effects from day one. Visit www.sheridanfrance.co.uk for more details on these are many more available non-invasive procedures.

Phi Principle

Incredibly, this non-invasive procedure was created using the magical mathematical equation of Phi. This ratio is also referred to as the Golden Ratio which measures the exact distance between objects. Phi is therefore also referred to as the divine proportions needed to create something beautiful and is also used in architecture. Getting the perfect proportions in symmetry is what Phi aims to do.


This procedure has been used in the sporting world for many years. Cryotherapy is used to alleviate pain and discomfort and increase recovery. It was only until more recently that these procedures were adopted into the world of beauty. Cryotherapy has numerous benefits including weight loss and those which are more cosmetic. The benefits of Cryotherapy also include the treatment of conditions associated with psoriasis and insomnia.


Through Mesotherapy the body is injected with a prepared mixture of amino acids, medications, and vitamins. The concoction is placed millimeters under the surface of the skin and works to plump up the tissue. The plumping process means that surface lines are softened. The special formula which is injected is specifically designed to fight certain issues. The results of Mesotherapy are effective and yet subtle. The treatment cannot be used to fight more prominent issues such as sunspots and scarring.

24h Boob Job

Many people cannot afford a permanent boob job and are therefore opting for one created by plastic surgeon Norman Rowe called InstaBreastTechnique. The process only takes about 20 minutes to complete and the effects will last for a full 24 hours. Through the process, a saline solution is injected into an area near the nipple. Over the period of just 24 ours the saline will be absorbed into the body and the boob job will be gone. More and more women are turning to this temporary solution to look great for the night without the downtime of an actual operation.

Cool Sculpting

This process was first approved in 2010. It gained attention only after it was rebranded as the non-surgical alternative to liposuction. Since then it has continued to grow in popularity. Through the process of Cool Sculpting unwanted fat in the body is frozen under the skin. These fatty deposits are then naturally flushed out of the body. Those who have undergone this process say there is no downtime and pain or scarring. While the results are very notable they will also be subtle. This is the idea lunch-time lipo procedure.