A Brief Guide to Washing Virgin Hair Extensions

Virgin hair extensions are a little more expensive but they’re certainly worth the price. Remy hair is the most popular virgin hair on the market today because it is made with real human hair and it isn’t processed. Buying Remy hair extensions also means that the hair is from one donor.

If you do come across virgin hair at a cost that seems too good to be true, it’s probably because the extensions have been dyed or permed, which does affect the quality of the hair. Jadore is an Australian leader in wholesale hair extensions and doesn’t treat their Remy hair extensions, which is why they’re the preferred choice in Australia.

If you will be investing in Remy hair extensions, knowing how to care for them correctly is incredibly important if you want to enjoy them for as long as possible, and it all starts with knowing how to wash them correctly.

5 Easy Steps for Washing Remy Hair Extensions Correctly

Below are the steps to follow if you want to wash your new hair extensions correctly.

Step 1: Brush your extensions. Never step into the shower or bath if you haven’t brushed your hair extensions first. Start the ends of the extensions and slowly work your way up to the roots.

Step 2: Gently wet your hair. When you’re wearing hair extensions, showering is always better than bathing because the hair can’t tangle as easily. Don’t use the full water pressure when wetting your hair to prevent any bond damage.

Step 3: Scrub your scalp. Using a shampoo that’s safe for use on hair extensions, gently wash your hair and scrub your scalp in between the bonds. Take care not to scrub your scalp too hard and don’t be too rough when washing the extensions as this could lead to tangling.

Step 4: Condition from the middle down. There is no need to condition your roots and if you did, there is a chance that the product would affect your bonds. Be sure to only use a conditioner that’s safe for use on hair extensions.

Step 5: Rinse thoroughly. Gently rinse all product off under running water, making sure to not leave any residue.

What About Drying & Styling?

Once you’re done washing and conditioning your hair, you will need to use a towel to gently dry your hair. Instead of ruffling your hair in the towel, use it to squeeze the water out of your hair.

Once you’ve dried it as much as you can, apply and brush through a heat protection spray before you use a hairdryer. If you will be using a straightener or curling iron, make sure that your hair extensions are completely dry first to avoid damage.

One of the best ways to learn how to wash, dry and style your new Remy hair extensions is to make an appointment at a professional salon that specialises in hair extensions.